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A Few Words on Sharks and Shark fishing

From our Captain and 20 year veteran of Prince William Sound waters
Captain Bill Steffen

Salmon Sharks being the first cousin to the Great White and Mako Sharks make it a voracious big game fish. Average weight is 350 to 400 pounds and 8 feet in length, and 500 pounds and 11 feet in length being a big catch. Salmon sharks are highly migratory and range throughout the north pacific. They migrate in to Prince William Sound with the pink salmon, returning in July, August and the first two weeks of September, the best time too catch a shark. I locate the sharks by looking for dorsal fins cutting the surface or sharks jumping and thrashing while feeding, but mostly rely on my color depth sounder looking along steep deep structure for aggregations of sharks.

Shark Fishing
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Shark Fishing
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I fish with six foot stand up heavy action rods with Pen 20T International reels spooled with 130 pound brayed Kevlar line. The leaders are two 16/0 Circle hooks 15 feet of 1/6 cable inside Vinyl tube with 12 feet of nylon shock cord. We use whole pink Salmon for bait, either trolling off down riggers while watching the Sharks swim up and take the bait on an underwater TV Camera, or do a drop and retrieve. The hook up is never the same, they have slammed the bait and Spooled yards of line only to let go. Or followed the brom ait right to the back of the boat and literally taken it from my hand, but when the hooks are set you better hold on with all you've got! The sharks are fast and strong, and they like to sound for deep water in a thrashing spiral, then stay down. It takes a lot of power too turn one and using short fast pumps to get it to come up. They will be burning line out, flip a 180 in a flash, and then slack line coming your way whip another 180 and slam you to the rail. Some sharks break water and thrash on the surface They have jumped 3 feet out of the water and Landed on the gunnels of the boat, Have gotten up and tail walked and also seem to like to bite the side of the boat. The shark fights last 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the shark and anglers as most people tag team a shark, it takes a strong angler to boat a salmon shark by himself or herself.

Shark Fishing
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In Prince William Sound, 90 percent of sharks are female therefore I promote catch and release. However, shark is good eating, it has white meat the texture of tender pork with a mild fish taste. Under Alaska fishing regulations you're allowed one shark a day, two a year. You must keep all edible parts of the shark so you will have 150 to 300 pounds or more of meat and four large fins to take home. Captain Bill Steffen has worked with Ken Goldman of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Alaska dept. of Fish and Game on shark research and shark leader development. So Capt. Bill can fill your day with lots of shark info. If you want more info on salmon sharks look at this website:

We are now booking for the 2013 Salmon Shark fishing season. Best window of opportunity for salmon shark fishing is the month of July.

Let us plan the Shark Fishing Adventure of a lifetime for you and your group

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