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Cordova, Alaska

Cordova, Alaska Birding Vacations:

Birding and bird watching in Cordova Alaska is known world wide as one of the foremost area for photography and bird viewing, of shore birds in the world.

Cordova is also host to the Shore Bird festival each spring, where shore birds by the millions visit Cordova's Copper River Delta and tidal flats as a stopover in their migration route.

The spring and fall also brings thousands of flocks of waterfowl that descend on the delta and mud flats.

Cordova also has the densest population of waterfowl in Alaska.

For more information on birding in Cordova, guided tours or photography trips, birding adventures, night birding of owls, bats, swallows and other night birds or sea shore life.

Birds of the delta and shore birding just contact us.

We will happy to set up a birding adventure for you. We have local accommodations at Cordova Rose Lodge L.L.C. or remote locations of cabins or fly in lodges for Prince William Sound shore life and sea birds.

Our guided trips are led by Dr. Pete Mickelson. Dr. Mickelson has been driving the copper river delta since it first opened to the million dollar bridge on July 3rd 1973 following the earthquake of 1964.

He has been hiking the trails around Cordova since 1973 and has worked as a bear guard, biologist and a tour leader.

He is the author of "Natural History of Alaska's Prince William Sound" and numerous papers on birds of the sound and delta.

Western sand pipers are genetically programmed to stop, rest, and replenish their energy stores in certain wetlands along the Pacific coast from South America to Alaska. If one of these wetlands were lost to development, most sandpipers would not survive to migrate further.

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